How can you access your innate power and find your inner peace?

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Find Inner Peace and Power
Find your inner peace and power

YOU have the power to become more than you can imagine and experience a consistent inner peace and joy in your life.   You already ARE more than you can imagine.  But how can you access this power and make it a reality? Only one thing is needed. Everything flows from this…

To find inner peace, you have to want it with all of your heart!

What ONE THING? REALLY want it with undeniable intensity. The truth is, when you are so determined to change that you just won’t be denied, all of life will rally behind you and come to your aid. I’ll share what I did and how this unfolded on my life and how it can work for you..

If you knew, if you could FEEL how utterly BROKEN I felt, how DESTROYED my self esteem was…

Then, see the JOY, peace, power and abundance my life has become.

You would know that it is possible for you too. How did I make this transformation?

Decades of major depression, failures real/perceived. More than I could bear. No medication would touch it. In my abject brokenness, it was literally do or die. I was NOT going to live like that anymore. It only takes a spark of belief that it is possible to start the process…

I was desperate for change.  I became OBSESSED with changing my life.

Radical open mindedness is essential for inner peace

This obsession led to a radical open mindedness.   I had to question EVERYTHING!  Clearly,  the results were telling me that what I was habitually thinking,  believing, and doing was not working…

I started reading and listening to joyful,  happy people.   Wayne Dyer, Matt Kahn, Eckhart Tolle, Kyle Cease, Michael Singer, Sadhguru, and others.

But there was a disconnect…

You can’t have inner peace without a deep inner awareness

So, I needed an AWARENESS of what unconscious things were going on inside of me that were causing me to not believe that I could really have that joy for myself.  This started the first of many “minimum and minimal” habits…

You can easily create new habits that contribute to your joy and peace

A minimum and minimal habit is a way of life change that makes it almost inevitable.   Its simple.   As an example, I started journaling daily to gain inner awareness.  The only rule I had was to write at least 1 sentence every day.

Easy, right? But so powerful. New habit born. It gets you into the flow of a new habit without it being a burden.  I’ve been journaling daily for years now.  Sometimes a sentence or 2, sometimes pages.  Do you know what I discovered.

You can make your mind your best friend for a more peaceful inner world!

I was my own worst enemy.   So many negative,  sabotaging thoughts that were now documented.   My next decision was simple.  I would transform my mind and make it my best friend.  How?

With compassion, and without judgement,  as I became aware of thoughts that no longer served me,  I changed the inner narrative in real time. Not perfectly. GOD, not perfectly… And I had compassion for that too.

I looked in the mirror, hands to my heart, and said over and over again – I love you.  I was actually amazed at how fast  my inner world changed.  And the clouds began to lift.

I could now see more clearly what these teachers and joyful people were telling me.  Properly understanding my true identity and practicing witness consciousness were the next steps in transformation. To be continued…

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