My Superpower for Stress, Depression, Anxiety and More

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I was asleep, unaware for most of my life.  Now, I am awake.  Now I KNOW that I am not the thoughts, emotions, or sensations that arise.  Indeed, I am not the body either.  I am the one who is aware of these.  They are objects that arise in my consciousness.  And this knowing gives me a choice that most people don’t have.  Instead of getting sucked completely into the unfolding drama of the human character,  I can fall back into, as, this awareness and see a perspective above, apart from, the unfolding drama.  And what is the nature of this awareness?  It is Sat Chit Ananda.  This is Sanskrit and the translation that really resonates with me is Eternal Conscious Bliss.  As I practice this, over time, I spend more and more time being as this awareness and less time in the drama.  So, I am pulled into the drama less and less and when I am pulled in, I come out of it, back as the awareness, faster and faster. Peace.

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