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Mark R. WilliamsWelcome to MoreInnerPeace.com! My Name is Mark R. Williams and my passion is helping others find more inner peace, emotional freedom, and general happiness apart from external circumstances!


I struggled with major depression for over 30 years. I was diagnosed with bipolar depression in my 20s and I tried various therapies and medications along the way. Nothing worked! It took me until I was well into my 40s before I was able to understand the inner workings of my mind enough to start to have consistent victory over depression and anxiety!

I am finally able to be happy most of the time, enjoy my life, be confident with high self-esteem, and live with purpose and productivity!

As a cancer survivor and someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety, I empathize with those who struggle in life!

If I could show you. If you could FEEL how utterly BROKEN I felt – how DESTROYED my self-esteem was. Decades of major DEPRESSION that no medication could touch.

Then, if you could know, if you could FEEL, if you could see… the JOY, peace, power and abundance my life has become.  You would KNOW that YOU have the power to become more than you can imagine.   That you already ARE more than you can imagine.

We’re not talking about perfection here. We are talking about creating a life defined by INCREASING love, joy, peace, abundance, power OVER TIME.

I will be sharing the truth, tools and tactics I have used in my own life to make this major transformation. I will also be developing courses and offering coaching to personally help others create their own amazing transformation as I continue my own growth.  My goal is to remain open hearted, open minded, and be a living embodiment of everything I have learned and everything I teach for the good of all I come in contact with!

The reason I chose MoreInnerPeace.com as the domain for this site is because I want to help you and others find More Inner Peace for themselves. It also acknowledges that the goal is always to progress and find more inner peace. We are never going to have the most inner peace possible in this life but we can make progress over time. In time, we can be more emotionally free, happy, joyful, grateful, present and resilient in our daily lives!

My goal over time is bring together the best of science, ancient wisdom traditions and inspiring stories to help you find the life of joy, peace, and abundance that you deserve!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to comment below.

All the best,

Mark R. Williams


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